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It was a goal to be able to produce a high quality snakeskin sanshin, but still come in at a reasonable price for the customer.

The Hongawa sanshin features a solid oak neck(sou), and body(dou) using genuine snakeskin reinforced with a layer of artificial skin underneath. Snakeskin can be fragile if not applied correctly. This second layer is important to ensuring your snakeskin enjoys a long life.

We have forged a relationship with a master craftsman in Koza, who supplies all of our Hongawa sanshin. Takumi(artisan) has over 30 years of experience making sanshin, along with being a respected sanshin player and teacher.

The sound of a sanshin can vary greatly depending on the workman and the shop. Conventional methods for reinforcing snakeskin can result in a shut-in sound. Takumi uses high tension to stretch the two skins across the wooden frame, resulting in a vibrant tone.

We have absolute confidence in the sound from a Takumi sanshin.

"It is very important where the tree has grown.
That it has endured the hardships of wind and rain, to become strong enough for the sanshin."

koza no takumi

A craftsman from Koza shapes the neck(sou) of the sanshin.

Due to the time required to produce each Hongawa sanshin, we are currently only able to sell ten Hongawa sanshin each month. If there is a delay to your order we will contact you immediately. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Asoviva provide an industry leading 5 year warranty on repairs required to your sanshin.

※ Cost of repair to snakeskin is for 1st year only.
※ Cost of new doumaki and karakui not covered. Customer to pay shipping costs.


Skin: Reinforced genuine snakeskin.
Neck: Solid oak.
Style: Makabe.
Finish: Black Cashew.
Doumaki: Traditional embroidered design.
Karakui: Ebony hexagonal style, double stripe.
Size: length - 80cm ■ width - 20cm ■ height - 8cm
Weight: approx. 1.5kg.

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Hongawa - Genuine Snakeskin Sanshin
(comes with bachi, set of replacement strings, and cloth sack)



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7 reasons to buy an Asoviva Sanshin

We provide helpful labels to indicate note positions.

The Sanshin, like a guitar, requires different finger positions for different notes. However, unlike a guitar, there are no frets to indicate these positions. Asoviva provides labels for the neck(sou) of your sanshin indicating correct finger positions and making life easier for the beginner. No frets. No problem.


Each sanshin is pre-tuned and ready to play.

We think it would be disappointing if the first sound you heard from your new sanshin is out of tune! Asoviva make sure your sanshin is correctly tuned and ready to play out of the box.


We provide a position label for the uma.

The bridge(uma) of the sanshin can be difficult for beginners to correctly position. In addition to the note position labels, we provide another to indicate the correct position for the uma, ensuring correct pitch.


Your sanshin will fit inside your case of choice.

The available cases for sanshin, produced by various manufacturers, are normally 20cm wide. We ensure the width of the tuning pegs(karakui) when in place, will still allow your sanshin to fit inside any case.


We pre-stretch your strings. Your sanshin stays in tune.

New strings fitted to a sanshin, even when correctly tuned, will normally fall out of tune as they are first stretched and played. To solve this problem we pre-stretch our strings five times when we receive them, and five times again before fitting them to your sanshin. This ensures your tone will remain stable longer.


We use handcrafted karakui for an easy fit.

Asoviva only use handcrafted wooden tuning pegs(karakui). Premade plastic pegs are often problematic when fitting to a sanshin, as the sizes of the tuning holes may vary slightly. By using handcrafted pegs made specifically for your sanshin, we can ensure a perfect fit.


We care about quality.

Asoviva have taken great care to make sure each part of your sanshin meets a high standard, regardless of cost. Whether your sanshin is made from ebony, rosewood or any other wood, it has been handcrafted with the utmost care. To ensure this quality standard, each sanshin is checked for both quality of tone, and for quality of craftsmanship prior to delivery.

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Express Mail Service. EMS mail is handled with the highest priority of any international service (estimated delivery time 2-4 days).
Economy Air (SAL) - normally 1-3 weeks.
Surface Mail - normally 1-3 months.

Once your order has shipped we will email your tracking number.

Refund/Return/Exchange Policy
In the following cases, we will exchange the item or give customer a full refund within 7days of the receipt of the items.
*In either case, customer is responsible for return shipping cost.

- When customer receive incorrect items.
- When items are badly damaged.
- When customer is not completely satisfied with the quality of the item.

When customer wants to return the item for any other reasons, customer must contact Asoviva within 3 days of the receipt of the items and sent the item back to Asoviva Items must be unused and in original packaging. Please note that after 7 days of receipt of the items, we may not be able to accept any return or offer refund.

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If there is a shortage of stock affecting your order, we will notify you immediately.


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