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geared peg sanshin
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Geared Pegs (machine heads) have always been at home on the head of a Fender Stratocaster or Les Paul guitar, but trying to marry something metal to a sanshin in a harmonious way was always incredibly difficult. The solution...a skilled sanshin craftsman and guitar maker have worked closely together to create the perfect sanshin neck (sou) for the perfect metal peg.

The design/shape of the sou is based on the oldest sanshin Haebaru form. The geared pegs are the latest innovations from Japanese company Gotoh. This incorporates a good balance between tradition and technology, finished in a sophisticated design.

Convert your sanshin to a Geared Peg Rokushin (six strings) gives you twice the octaves to play with, and opens up a world of guitar songs. A more versatile instrument, and thanks to the precision and stability of the Gotoh geared pegs it's easier to tune!

Designed in Okinawa, handcrafted and assembled in Okinawa using Japanese components, we think we have managed to produce something special.

gear my rokushin
gear my rokushin
Neck Design

A Guitar craftsmen and a sanshin artisan worked together to create something original for the ironwood neck. The design of the sou is a result of combining each other's skills and knowledge.

sanshin sou
rokushin sou

Choose between Matt Black or Cherry Brown finish for the neck (sou).
Both finishes bring out the metallic color of the pegs.

rokushin ten matt black
brown sunburst finish
Geared Peg • Gotoh Stealth

Gotoh's newest model, the Stealth Key, is the smallest and lightest geared peg in the world (1/2 to 1/3 the weight of ordinary guitar machine heads). Despite the light weight, it is extremely durable and allows for easier and more precise tuning when compared with a conventional peg.

geared sanshin
machine head sanshin

left: Gotoh Stealth SB4 Black, right: Gotoh Stealth SB4 Gold.

GOTOH machine head range

*** You can choose from any of the above models and colors for your geared pegs.
*** All production photos shown use the SB4 variation.


Peg model: Gotoh Stealth Key ST31.
Peg gear ratio: 1:18.
Neck: Ironwood.
Neck style
: Original design ■ Handcrafted in Okinawa.
Finish: Sunburst finish ■ Matte Black or Cherry Brown.
Weight Comparison: Makabe 1.4kg -- Kubanufuni 1.2kg -- Rokushin 1.5kg.
Size Comparison: Makabe 79cm × 20cm × 8cm -- Kubanufuni 79cm × 19cm × 6cm -- Rokushin 80cm × 20cm × 8cm.

Modify Your Sanshin of Choice
point 1

The Geared Peg Sanshin and Rokushin will still fit comfortably inside your standard size carrying cases.

point 2

Changing to a geared pegs is an easy transition. The length and scale of the neck, along with the weight remains familiar to sanshin players.

sanshin carrying case

pictured above: Tropication K.K.capri converted to Geared Peg Sanshin / Cherry Brown finish / Gotoh Stealth SB4 black.
Total cost = $448.00 (K.K.mono) + $333.00 (Geared Peg conversion) = $781.00.

Item #

Item Description




Geared Peg Sanshin Conversion


peg options

peg color:

peg model:

*** The above price includes your custom made neck (sou) and mounting costs.
*** Please select the sanshin you would like to convert, and add to your cart before checking out.

the endless sanshin - Japanese blog

pictured above: Tropication K.K.mono converted to Geared Peg Rokushin / Matte Black finish / Gotoh Stealth SB4 black.
Total cost = $448.00 (K.K.mono) + $466.00 (Rokushin conversion) = $914.00.

*** Strings are attached, alternating between Okinawan (white, heaver gauge) and Oshima (yellow, lighter gauge).
6th → Okinawan male string, 5th → Oshima male string,
4th → Okinawan middle string, 3rd → Oshima middle string,
2nd → Okinawan female string, 1st → Oshima female string.

Item #

Item Description




Geared Peg Rokushin Conversion


peg options

peg color:

peg model:

*** The above price includes your custom made neck (sou) and mounting costs.
*** Please select the sanshin you would like to convert, and add to your cart before checking out.

the endless sanshin - Japanese blog

Please note: Each custom order will take approximately two weeks to complete.
Geared Peg sanshin conversions are available for all sanshin purchased from the Asoviva web site, and also for customers who wish to convert a sanshin they already own.

For customers wanting to convert a sanshin on the Asoviva web site:
1. Add your sanshin of choice to the cart.
2. Add either the Geared Peg Sanshin or Geared Peg Rokushin Conversion to the cart.
3. Check out.

For customers wanting to convert a sanshin they already own:
1. Add either the Geared Peg Sanshin or Geared Peg Rokushin Conversion to the cart.
2. Check out.
3. Send your sanshin to the Asoviva shop located in Yomitan Village, Okinawa. The customer will incur the cost of postage to Asoviva. We will notify you once your sanshin arrives.
4. Once your sanshin has been converted, we will dispatch your converted sanshin, along with your original neck (sou) and karakui.

shoppin guide


International shipments use the following Japan Post services:
Express Mail Service. EMS mail is handled with the highest priority of any international service (estimated delivery time 2-4 days).
Economy Air (SAL) - normally 1-3 weeks.
Surface Mail - normally 1-3 months.

Once your order has shipped we will email your tracking number.

Refund/Return/Exchange Policy
In the following cases, we will exchange the item or give customer a full refund within 7days of the receipt of the items.
*In either case, customer is responsible for return shipping cost.

- When customer receive incorrect items.
- When items are badly damaged.
- When customer is not completely satisfied with the quality of the item.

When customer wants to return the item for any other reasons, customer must contact Asoviva within 3 days of the receipt of the items and sent the item back to Asoviva Items must be unused and in original packaging. Please note that after 7 days of receipt of the items, we may not be able to accept any return or offer refund.

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Your order will be shipped to you within three business days of the date of purchase.

If there is a shortage of stock affecting your order, we will notify you immediately.


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